Environmentalist messiah-complexes & fatalist homosexualism among the death-cults on the Expanded Plantation


David Buckel, a prominent, aimless, suicidal LGBTQLMNOP Lawyer Sets Self On Fire In ‘Protest Suicide’ Of Climate Change. David Buckel was An Hero.

And then Global Warming alarmist recalculate to find that, rather, the sky was falling by Climate Change; and spent all their time devising techniques to persuade against the common sense — that the climate always is, and has always been, changing.

Similar shifts occurred in other cages of the death-cult, as when talk of Sexual Preference became all but criminal, inasmuch as imputing volition to people became hate speech, according to anti-life death-cult faux-fatalists, whose pretense was purposed simply to infuse anxiety into expendables so as to elicit either self-enslavement to anti-democracy democrats, or suicide — and ideally both.

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