Every real war is over Time and Attention, id est Faith


Every real war is, fundamentally and functionally, a series of discrete battles for Time and Attention — id est a war about Faith.

In war, tactics only affect — id est disaffect — if, on some important level, they confuse — especially by misleading: Causing the opponent to misprioritize.

When setting the stage to manage your Time and Attention: Imagine, and accordingly act, as if you were at war. Because you are.

Grace’s Pyramid of Power

Pyramid of Power

To sustain Grace’s perch on the Pyramid of Power requires Faith.

Rungs of the ascending Ladder:
5. Faith
4. Patience (id est Resolve)
3. Objectivity
2. Courage
1. Humility
Guide: Grace.

Fear of Faith is a social-construct

Fear of Faith is a social construct. After all, as a most famous Naturalist Atheist framed: “If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him.” Thus it follows: Obsession to disprove God necessarily proceeds from, and proceeds necessarily from, Credulity id est defeat on a battlefield in the war for Time and Attention, id est Faith.

Privilege, under the Diamond of Defeat

Diamond of DefeatSlopes of descending Slide:
1. Timidity
2. Aggression
3. Subjectivity
4. Stubbornness
5. Credulity
Prison: Privilege.

War is always easy to win: Warlords, by definition, always must be manic misers who, contradictorily, always spread themselves thin; thus always must focus on trends, never on individuals (id est never enough, id est never in the right way). Instead: Vainly endeavoring, by rites aka concocted trends, to control enough individuals, and cull enough of the uncontrollable, to realize their formulation of a fearful, self-flattering vie to wage enough war to practice dodging death enough for the warlord to feel — on their deathbed — that ultimately they learned how to evade death eternal.

Thus, first: Any individual can easily ‘slip through the cracks’ to escape the path of the war-machine, simply saving themselves; yet second: Any individual can easily — though surely not as easily — slip through the cracks and out of the path, id est leave the always-synthetic cave, prepare, return, and defeat the machine, by causing the synthetic cave to collapse in on itself, though the simple, irresistible invitation to implosion via the virus of objectivity. Yes, this is simple; and, as with so much that is simple: It is Not easy. Moreover, artful invitation of an Objectivity Virus is the only way to survive one’s facilitation of the victory: All other methods, always more easy and less simple, will require some form of martyrdom — which, itself, will always be the seed of the next doomed war-machine, born of a cowardice and mania whose fundament is the weakness of Impatience, however manifest — including, but certainly not limited to, the addictive impracticality of grandiosity, the timid hypocrisy of malevolence, the melodramatic bluff of rigidity.

Conclusory Introduction

Many war-tactics can, at least for a blink, effectively guard against outward, even inward, professions of Faith; yet no tactic can guard long enough against Faith’s most famed facet: Hope.

Moreover, war is easy to win because, by definition, the warlord must lose; and History is told only by the winners, dooming then, to repetition, those listeners who — whether by cowardice, vanity or otherwise id est other vice — cursorily distill parables’ plots and pageantry at the expense of the principles.

On a related note: The two necessary, sufficient elements to lymphatic rebalance are:

1. Diaphragmatic Breathing
2. Human Movement

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