Atrophied, barrel-bodied barrenesses bravely bleating, on the Expanded Plantation

Four barrel-bodied barrenesses, charged towards the wall, privilege-first, on the Expanded Plantation v2

“Atrophy is the new excellence!,” blithely, bleakly bleated a barrel-bodied barrenesses — doe-eyed, drawing debutante-dole in a hen-house harem, on the Expanded Plantation; rarely her sheepish aims exceeding simply to avoid being the ugliest among her sterilized sister-veal.

“Men are guilty until proven innocent!,” cry-cackled a second.

A third self-siren drunkenly sigh-sang: “Prenatal children are only choices — until a veal and her sterilizer whim not to slaughter them!”

Each then flashed one or both of her meager mammary-glands at a eunuch passerby, then extorted hush-money from each him: Reparations to remedy his violent notice-raping of her dingy flapjack.

Thus the proud penis-less pawns plodded, plotted: Neutering their males, spaying themselves, and murdering their children; in order to secure, and to expand, health and wealth — for various other, better, landed, fertilized (id est real) women: Those provided protection by various slithered schemes of the patriarchy — the same daddy-government which deigned to decree vicariously, of and by its abject subjects, subsidies for any and every atrophied, barrel-bodied barrenesses who agreed to be a model of metastasizing misery masked as  manic merriment.

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