Death-cult hydra beating a dead Social Contract, on the Expanded Plantation

Four Heads of the Death-cult Hydra

Verily the death-cult licensed itself to exploit its cogs crises as leverage to exact, evermore, all the more servility and surrender on the Expanded Plantation.

Yet math matters, no matter the mania politely sustained in the glittering gulags of any New Gilgamesh’s sanctimonious prologue to utopian death-dodge, where carcasses, ground en masse, grind to a halt social contracts, belying sense since dispensed with, whereby slithering odes alone sustained even a thought of it.

Hence, hectored heathens’ heavy lives failed to even even blood-money spent to pull blood from the stones; as torture chambers of commerce lamented the labor of, into each of the traitorous, inculcating a malevolence born of docility — transcendence, even minimal expense for its pretense, disappearing into the detested distance.

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