Flash mob puppeteers: Sickle-celled sleeper-cells, on the Expanded Plantation

Flash mob puppeteers-- sickle-celled sleeper-cells, on the expanded plantation

On the Expanded Plantation, elected officials surrounded their castles with urban motes of sickle-celled sleeper-cells: Mindless negroes, their trophy-mudsharks, and the rootless, helpless mongrel progeny — all primed for anti-white flash-mob ‘protests’ whenever white media invented a term like “White Latino” to describe each and every white-on-black needle in the haystack of black-on-white violence; or just reporting a non-negro successfully defending themselves against a chimp-out by the slaves-of-choice of White Supremacy.

Meanwhile, the unwritten colorless bible of unthinking colorful slaves preached that surgical black slavery, as an externality of pretended white liberty, warranted widespread black terrorism as an externality of anti-white liberation; yet the non-white warriors, toddlers of strategizing, could only ever directly target the low-class whites, those hand-fed to them by high-class handlers;

though sometimes a high-class white would break protocol of white supremacy, precariously risking hegemony by setting aside white-divine-right policy, in order to feed, to sickle-celled sleeper-cells, one of the higher white political opponents.

In superstitious celebration of such glorious black-God-given victories, the house-slaves always became particularly uppity, and then, energized by the fantasy of being ready for a race-war, the simian political simps knuckle-walked ever more proudly and menacingly among any pallid equal who looked more like the masters — until enough war-council barbecues descended into black-on-black massacre, reminding Mandela wannabes that they were, just as Mandela was: Nothing but useful rats, in sleeper-cell cages, on an Expanded Plantation.

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