APA, aka the Corporate Clergy (SFTU 2313)

APA aka Corporate Clergy 1

Long after Booker lamented blacks not sooner developing furniture bodies and white-jesus minds, and William Burghardt (ie og Colin Kaepernick) demanded that blacks pretend to be ready for actual war:

The APA (American Psychiatric Association) and the APA (American Psychological Association), aka the Corporate Clergy, taught cogs that the good life — the right life — was to happily live to work, and happily work to live in sanitized, sanctified mind-cemeteries.

APA aka Corporate Clergy 2APA aka Corporate Clergy 3

…and that any energy in excess of these was shameful Hyperactivity.

APA aka Corporate Clergy 4. ADHD--Shameful hyperactivity

The APA, aka the Corporate Clergy, moralized obedience by whims of the corporate oligopoly. While pretending Bernie Madoff was exceptional, not inevitable, the Corporate Clergy dug into the brains of inappropriately energetic children — mutilating the dissidents back to respectable calm and predictable normalcy.

APA aka Corporate Clergy 5, Rosemary Kennedy

Their reign of torture and terror reigned in only by dollars and cents, and the ability to disguise their malevolence to prevent startling credulous cogs.

As pretend penance for especially torturing homosexuals, Jews and blacks — the Corporate Clergy anointed a homosexual atheist Jew as the head of the APA, and a bumbling black as the head of the APA; then the Corporate Clergy continued torturing everyone socially susceptible — especially homosexuals, Jews, and blacks.

APA aka Corporate Clergy 6

And as surgical lobotomies gave way to electric-lobotomies and chemical-lobotomies, ironing out symptoms of restless humanity in the malfunctioning cogs: Dead plants decorated the dead plants of start-up Corporate Clergies, on the Expanded Plantation.

APA aka Corporate Clergy 7

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