Tyrone Rashaad Williams: Another typical dead black fraud who ‘made some noise’, on the Expanded Plantation

Tyrone Rashaad Williams

“I’m among the original [invaders of indigenous people’s land],” bragged Tyrone Rashaad Williams on the Expanded Plantation, at a blacktivist “Public Safety Community Forum” on March 28, 2018 in Minneapolis Minnesota. “Our group came to a conclusion of: Getting rid of violent officers, which include lack of engagement…,” Williams blabbered, before his racist incitement was drowned out by the kind of empty, self-soothing applause which typifies so much blacktivism: “Those comments so suit our mood and so stroke our ego that we shall now render reflection impossible for a while by ‘making some noise’.”

Make some noise!

“Make some noise” is now a common term for applause and applause-like chatter, as well as a term for generally being noticed: “Buttfuck them! He knows the code: it’s not about the salary: It’s about reality and making some noise,” whimpered Mike Shinoda in the Fort Minor song, Remember the Name: a pitiful anthem whose pitiful title and pitiful lyrics were intended, ironically, to pretend that squalls by self-worshiping, self-loathing rappers are anything but forgettable. Shinoda, a self-loathing Japanese kid who latched onto black braggadocio in a doomed attempt to cobble a sense of self, is known for two things, aside from his rag-tag Fort Minor mire: First, collaborating with pufferfish rap-icon JayZ, while Shinoda headed the whimper-rock band Linkin Park; second, Shinoda is known as part of that whimper-rock band, which itself was quite renown for making some noise!

Moans of molested, doomed hypocrites

The main attraction of whimper-rock band Linkin Park was its dainty, emotional frontman Chester Bennington, who deftly channeled, into Linkin Park’s whimper rock, his rage at having been molested as a child. Instead of truly addressing, understanding and healing his misery brought by being molested, Bennington chose alcohol and squalling–then suicide. Instead of addressing, understanding, and healing from his disappointment at being Japanese, Shinoda instead chose intellectual suicide: To emulate a caricature of black pseudo-pride. And instead of addressing, understanding and helping to heal the real problems facing blacks in the USA, Tyrone Rashaad Williams chose strategic suicide: To distract resources away from culling black criminals and towards scapegoating the very same police who now offer a reward for information leading to the arrest of the non-white non-cops who murdered pitiful cowardly racist hypocrite Tyrone Rashaad Williams.

Remember not the names, but rather the principles

Alcohol and screaming don’t solve being raped; “Acting black” doesn’t solve being Japanese; Scapegoating whites doesn’t solve being a cowardly racist black hypocrite: The lives of Chester Bennigton, Mike Shinoda, and Tyrone Rashaad Williams are each a cautionary tale–for those who, if ignorant of history, may be condemned to repeat it.

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