Torture jokes foretell collapse of the Expanded Plantation


Moral authorities of their day: Medical professionals perform women’s health, in the form of a lobotomy, on an empowered woman.

Time and again, before its complete implosion, the maniacal murderous Left in the United States continually, vainly sought to reinvent itself. Yet, as the political party of — among much else — slavery, the several white-run KKKs, the various black-run KKKs (BPP, BLM, etc): The Left always stayed true to its zealous roots: Single-minded, ruthless, power-hungry evil.

At the turn of the 21st century, few things enticed and emboldened Leftists quite like hatred masked as humor. On April 5th of 2018, yet another grain of greatness, id est cutthroat grandiose glibness, dropped through the hourglass of Leftist decline, when some boring, white, colorless, soulless feeder-sheep satirized his political opponent by facetiously reporting that someone had offered to “pay for the opponent’s psychiatric care.”

The entirety of the message behind the article: “People with whom I disagree politically are mentally retarded.” Yet just below the surface of the writer’s mania is the legacy of his culture’s treatment of “mentally retarded” people: Lobotomy, Shock-therapy torture, Castration — and plenty else.

Thus, with only a bit of a (historically accurate) stretch; the color-less, soulless writer’s thesis becomes: “In the good old days, my political opponents would be cut open, torn apart, and ultimately, often enough, rendered completely lifeless, if not dead.”

Such were the jokes throughout the perpetual Civil-Cold-War during the total collapse of at least Leftism on the Expanded Plantation, if not the entire Plantation itself.

2 thoughts on “Torture jokes foretell collapse of the Expanded Plantation

  1. On your Yotube channel you had had videos that were done with text and a computer generated voice. I’m assuming you might have transcriptions for them, if so could you post them to your blog?


    1. Hi Sheldon,
      Good idea. I’ll set to work doing that. Let me know if I miss any that you particularly meant.


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