Kangz be stylin on deez white-devil cave-beasts, on the Expanded Plantation


White-devil cave-beasts outmatched by da kangz, on the Expanded Plantation

Jealous pink person punk watches a REAL MELANATED MAN tap some ugly-ass cave-beast! BLACK POWER!

Then, one day, black people got their revenge.

For centuries, indeed millenia, blacks had been enslaved, tortured, and murdered by whites. But then, blacks got their revenge:

White overlords sent black gladiators into the coliseum equipped with so much pride, vanity and shiny trinkets — that it would have made Wakandans jealous; and the white overlords, when casting whites into the coliseum to prevent competition for White Supremacy, afforded the white gladiators far less pride, vanity and shiny trinkets than were enjoyed by the black gladiators.

And so it was that black gladiators were superior in every respect: Mentally, physically, morally; they were better at flopping around rhythmically, better at blindly proceeding from a laughably false sense of certainty — they were just better generally. The only way white gladiators could ever compete was to confuse and betray the least superior black gladiators.

“You know, my fine fellow,” one white, one day, began to his superior — any random black guy: “It seems to me that blacks being mentally and physically crippled by a surfeit of pride and self-pity, then rationed, on this Expanded Plantation, one or more of the least self-respecting white whores — most of which are sterilized anyhow…well, this hardly seems healthy, much less a form of supposed reparations to rectify some mythology about injustices which other whites supposedly inflicted onto other blacks, hundreds of years ago; especially while white elites, as we speak, are conditioning you pavement apes to ignore pavementApe-on-PavementApe violence, and to murder your children at Prevented Parenthood clinics, in order to qualify for the privilege of begging for meaningless paper which the white elites can casually print.”

“Fuk you mean, white-devil crakkka mufuka!?,” the Kang began kangly, too wise to reflect on anything said by a white-devil crakkka mufuka. “Y’all mufukin yt bois killing me, nigga. Ya’ll yt devils know dat whenever Martin Luther King Jr., peace be upon him, took a break from beating black women, dat nigga said he have a dream n shit! Das real shit mah nigga! Das poetry! Ya’ll white-devil cave-beasts aint know a mufukin thang bout poetry mah nigga! AND y’all niggas ain’t built da peanutbutter pyramids!”

Outmatched, the white-devil crakkka mufuka retreated back to his bichazz trailer-park, where he fuks hiz ugly-ass cuzins and hiz sis be fuking dey dogs n shit, cuz white-devils be some nasty mufukas, gnome saying? Real talk. BLACK POWER!

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