White Utopias vs Black Shitholes (Demystifying White Supremacy: The Rule of Law, not the Mandate of Moods)


Winston Churchill v Nelson Mandela

Leftists have a mouth.

One side of that mouth shrieks, “The utopia of Black supremacy only eludes the world by the hate-filled, small-dicked evil and jealousy of white devils!”

The other side of the mouth declares, “White people are worse than Hitler if they, in any way, seek to stifle the droves of desperate black people who beg to place their necks under the boot of white supremacist nations!”

The two sides of Leftists’ mouth are not on speaking terms with one another. Instead, each side simply enlists various mascots–guilted whites, pitied blacks, generalized mongrels– as mouthpieces to popularize whatever political sewage happens to flow, one moment to the next, from either side of the leftist mouth.

To say the least, this oral inconsistency among Leftists leaves black people wholly unaware as to the technical nature of white supremacy: It’s like magic to them. Black Magic…or rather White Magic — in a bad way.

Yet, much to the chagrin of noble nettle-nibbling witchdoctors, nothing about the supremacy of white establishments amounts to magic, nor is it even complicated: It’s just the Rule of Law; as distinct from the Rule of Moods and the Moment so popular among pitiful black societies.

For example, citizenry in superior white societies debate, with relative civility, the merits and demerits of extending full political rights, and thereby governmentally normalizing, those people who choose to indulge in homosexual behavior at the expense of other contributions to society which are arguably more meaningful or at least more enduring. Conversely, black-run shitholes such as Kenya simply throw a tire over the head of a given homosexualist deviant, set the tire on fire — “Thus,” says the Kenyan Justiz System, “problem solved.”

Plenty differences exist between bad black governance and good white governance; none of them are race-based (and most have nothing to do with the distraction-du-jour of homosexualism). Yet the foundation is the same: Rules of Law, which is to say Rule of Rules — not “Rule of the moods of black Vicimologists” nor “Rule of the most Pitied non-white Enclave” or “Rule of whatever black hypocrite can cry wolf loudest” or “Rule of black terrorist Nelson Mandela, because he’s an anti-white black hypocrite who speaks in weak-minded, empty soundbites palatable to his constituencies of racist, stupid, violent blacks.”

Feel that? That’s your mood; and it has no place in the Rule of Law: So go mentally masturbate away your mood, and do not return until you’re ready to white-up (like man-up, but with political whiteness as the goal).

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