Brown usurper Bill Of Rights

If the immigrant hoards had been anything short of frantic to displace–at any cost, and for any wage–the native competitors of the ruling elite, then they may have sought, quite ironically, to secure promises, perhaps even written ones–quizas a ‘brown usurper bill of rights’, in which their corporate sponsors would bindingly pledge to end the gentrification brought by mass-immigration, the instant that the last white-trash sacrifice was raped and murdered by the last unarmed dindu, who would then be, in turn, decapitated by un hizonada.

Yet the nobly enriching, grunting, brown scabs knew in their little brown corazons that the tactics by which their rulers had used them to obscure issues, divide forces, and deplete resources–this never would be easily used against the reconquistadors; because there is honor among thieves.

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