Centralized Indoctrination Centers protest threats to their quasi-academic hegemony


Once upon a time, the gluttonous National Education Association, and the cancerous American Federation of Teachers hatched a plot to distract both from their own mediocrity and malevolence as well as from dangerously viable alternatives to the heavy-handed, lead-footed centralized indoctrination centers which, for at least decades, had been masquerading as schools.

Chief among the alternatives most feared by the pseudo-academic vassals of particular corporate interests were charter schools–promised as purposed to teach, simply and strategically; and, worse for the worried status-quo-setters, to prepare young people for a life apart from the Expanded Plantation‘s succession of rows and forms–the fast, funnish, frenemy-filled funeral procession of a living mental-death.

One way the cancer and glutton sought to distract was to dispatch parades of pompous, sterile, feral child-murder advocates, masked as well-meaning matrons, to demand for this or that extension on their allowances as the gatekeepers to a life outside of asylums and penitentiaries.

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