Token achievements by sociological tax-write-offs, on the Expanded Plantation

Token achievements of sociological tax-write-offs

Token achievements by sociological tax-write-offs, on the Expanded Plantation

“My magnanimity compels me to impede and supplant my would-be usurpers, no matter their merit, with rabble ranked without respect to race, gender, religion, legal-status, disease-status, aptitude or any other quality impertinent to the key virtues of docility and credulity.”

-White devils on the Expanded Plantation.

More than a century before handlers of Homer the noble octoroon pretended at the Supreme Court Of The United States, Phyllis Whately had been primped and primed, as more than a millennium prior Plutarch had described: To reflect well on their masters, as the best-kept slaves.

Presently, deigning to feign a relinquishing of the reigns is all the rage of the keepers of the cage: “By our gate-keeping, kangz can be kings–and kweens can be anything!,” they sling, carefully calibrating their sociological tax-write-offs.

Then when the mores of polished-turd Moors too closely evince even a semblance of meaningful dissent–the social-deck shuffled again, to reinvigorate elevated darkeys’ desperation, while darkless devils rewardingly blind various Browns with boredom by the tedium of a white miseducation.

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