Folklore and sibling rivalry, on the Expanded Plantation

“If our society is so corrupt–then why would countless wretches risk jail and death to scramble onto our shores, with dreams of mowing our lawns, obeying our TV, voting away our democracy, and nothing more?,” snorted the safely sorted thought-police on the Expanded Plantation, winking at the scorched earth of those same wretches’ homeland.

“You’re either with us, or you’re with the terrorists,” winced G Wench B, addicted to cocaine, to lies, and to fulfilling AIPAC terrorists’ self-fulfilling prophecies.

“We much prefer this white-bred, Hawaii-raised, Harvard-trained millionaire mulatto–his surveillance, intensified torture, expanded wars, and benevolent willingness to enlist homosexuals, trannies and other degenerates, as well as illegal immigrants, in order to expand the wars!,” shrieked a faction of controlled-opposition.

“Fools! This down-to-earthedly out-of-touch billionaire braggart, father-in-law of the enemies of law and Liberty far better fits our need to believe that we can achieve utopia if we but bay and bleat, blithely concede to a life of cowardice and apathy!,” whined the faction’s twin.

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