Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation: dedicated to the extermination of black people

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation 1

Kang: “You see, da fing of eet eez you crakkka devils: she chrow dat ass in a circle–cuz I be packing yo!”

Kween: “Das rite, pinky! Furthermore, if I throw it back, he might hurt me!”

Becky: “Wow! You are the original people! And we have much to learn from you!”

Margaret Sanger jr: “Yeah, definitely time for a little bit of ye olde ‘planned parenthood’…14 words.”

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation 2

Because, historically, nothing has been proven to be more safe and effective than white billionaires putting pills into the mouths of black children.

For more, check out the following video from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation:

Bill and Melinda Gates Urge Teens to ‘Get Involved’

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