Leftist clickbait culture of doomed perpetual mental-masturbation

''Your enemy did evil stuff with impunity'' -your leftist friend

Original post:

“Pope Francis Forgives HIV Positive Priest Who Raped 30 Children: A HIV positive Catholic priest who admitted to raping 30 girls between the ages of 5 and 10-years-old has been acquitted by Pope Francis. The priest, Jose Garcia Ataulfo, was cleared of any wrong-doing and will not face criminal charges, despite the fact he knew he was infected with HIV when he raped the young girls.”

Now, optimized for maximum credulity, & containing just as much evidence:

“Pope Francis Forgives HIV Positive Priest who raped 6 billion unarmed Trayvon Martins & Jewish Jesuses: An HIV positive catholic priest faces no criminal charges after admitting to whatever would convince you to click this link to earn us one-billionth of a penny.”

A few things about the original propaganda:

  1. As always: these slithering leftist frauds pretend to believe their agendas, yet can never seem to find even a single piece of real evidence to support their claims–so they reflexively resort to imaginary nonsense, as tools to invite one another to their own meager plot in the mire of leftist echo-chamber enclaves purposed for perpetual, doomed mental-masturbation.
  2. This imaginary priest raped “girls“, since had the homo-advocating propagandists who invented this distraction asserted the trite, accurate “Priests rape boys” routine then that would complicate matters, because between the time of the first revelations about rapist-priests until now, homosexuality has become synonymous with heroism and justice–so calling the priest a raper of boys would just “shame” all child-rapists of the anti-gay (ie anti-happy) homosexual community: a pale petty pantheon, prized by progressive death-cults despite (rather, because of) its rampant rape, torture, suicide and murder–all of which “occurs in nature.”

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