Google owns the world! (From PageRank to Page Rancor: anti-gun Alphabet Inc. pretends irreplaceability)

Google runs the world

Google owns the world. So when Bloomberg reported[1] that those who own Google would be “Ban[ing] Firearms Demo Videos, Entering the Gun Control Debate,” some of Google’s less slavish serfs were understandably upset. After all: Google owns the world.

Google rose to prominence, then to dominance, principally by its PageRank[2] algorithm, a program whose calculations simply determine what Internet users want when they search a given term: Just a computerized focus-group. PageRank was invented by Larry Page[3] and Sergey Brin[4], a pair of over-educated and under-skilled computer nerds whose limp white obedience gained them access to the Shoulders of (computer) Giants[5] in the 1990’s at Stanford University. With PageRank, the two mediocre man-children essentially ironed an intellectual property logo onto the burgeoning technology of the previous quarter-century. Consequently, they were among the small fraction of man-children whose footprint of languid computer-addiction survived the bursting of the Dotcom Bubble[6]. Then, when their borrowed idea was preserved by society to be brought to worldwide scale, Page and Brin received cultural crumbs commensurate with the fleeting value of their pretended innovation.

In the early days, many modern mobsters, especially Zionist Occupation Governments[7] in the USA and elsewhere, sought to sink Google, YouTube et alii for fear that giving commoners what they ask for would threaten the hegemony held by both a handful of antisemitic atheist pseudo-Jews who, through popular media, governed much of mainstream thought (while occasionally considering the 7 Options of Judaism[8]); and a handful of misanthropic atheist pseudo-Gentiles who, through government policies, governed much of mainstream action (while intermittently acknowledging the 10 Requests of Christianity[9]). But instead of sinking the new platforms, the pseudo-Jews and white devils instead simply invaded and rearranged the platforms–thereby preserving their cultural and political hegemony, then amplifying it.

Google owns the world! Or so the boring, dying nerds who invented Google–and those goofy few who depend on its carcass–desperately pretend to believe. Rather, Google’s billionaires will tire, then retire, then die, then be remembered–until eventually those who remembered are, themselves, forgotten.

In the meantime, the posh piss-ant technocrats–yet let to toggle social allowance by the cultural crumbs they’ve guarded since the 90’s–will try to take over the world: try to align with various death-cults, to systematize utopian stabilization through sterilization, infanticide, and extermination of people whom the technocrats deem to be unnecessary; try to popularize enough distraction and decadence to keep the cogs turning–but by cog-turners relegated as barely competent enough to find their way to their cog-turning facility, not die at work, find their way home, not starve, sleep and repeat; while being barely intelligent and intelligible enough to articulate the importance of following such a routine–while rabidly demonizing all else.

Among the steps in this process is to normalize the disarming of American citizens. By attempting such a step, the limp losers obviously could, at most, effect a war which they would decisively lose; but foresight will always evade computer-addicted losers–by their predilection and practice–no matter how detailed a life-simulator they manage to cobble.

And so the presidents, parishioners and pawns of Google et alii own not The world–but rather only A world, one of their own lifeless design, as they squander their real potential, mentally masturbating in their Uncanny Valley[10]. To maintain their mire, the doomed addicts indeed advocate for, and attempt, the disappearance of gun-education–with gun-rights obviously to follow–down the Memory Hole [11]. It’s all very formulaic and boring, fitting for such over-educated, under-living losers.

Google rose by offering tools to assess accurately what people actually want, which greatly expanded cooperation and thought; and Google will fall by its implementation of tools to corral and cajole people by cynically funneling cooperation and thought towards what the corporation declares people should want.

Meanwhile, Alphabet inc.’s strides to rule the world by governing thought–these will ultimately fail. Cynical nihilism necessarily does: Only the thoughtless think Google is further taking over when it proclaims and promulgates its right to censor and forgo. Meanwhile, the real world will continue–unabated by the self-dooming social sabotage dreamed-up by the cynical indeed sociopathic computer-nerds at Google, Facebook etc.–aka just more Siren-Calls[12] by yet another Myspace[13].

-Russ Lindquist


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2 thoughts on “Google owns the world! (From PageRank to Page Rancor: anti-gun Alphabet Inc. pretends irreplaceability)

  1. This seems to be the chain of events with almost every innovation (or pretended innovation). The concept is successfully implemented, people fleetingly experience more freedom by choosing to utilise the implementation; then the world kind of grows around it and that thing becomes a necessity just to follow the rules – and freedom vanishes again.


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