Joys of Parenting, and the Agony of the Second-worst Option (throat cutting example)

Impotent, vacuous man-children and their putrid, sterilized social-brides will never know the joys of being a parent. Why, just today, as we prepared for a snowy hike—the small, dangerously under-skilled version of myself was quickly zipping up his winter coat—then suddenly began squealing in agony and running around quite literally like a chicken with its head cut off.

I scolded my spawn’s lack of manliness and bade it return to me. Apparently, today the boy learned the lesson of a lifetime: if you zip up a winter coat carelessly enough—you can catch your throat skin in the zipper.

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Revisiting Orlando’s Violent, Self-hating LGBTQPR Community

Infected with an awkwardly frantic hatred of a God they don’t even believe exists, countless bug-chasers and gift-givers continue to win gold for the LGBTQPR self-hate communities in Disease Olympics throughout the world.

Sassy, fun STD-swapping is a popular pastime among plenty in these self-hate communities—but sometimes being “born this way” backfires, as when harmless, happy rectum-renting leads to infamous homophobic hate-crimes.

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China’s Evil Slave-state, USA’s Evil Willful-blindness, and the Worldwide Karma of the COVID-19 “Corona Virus” Scam

My better-half’s best friend—”Auntie C.”—is one of those crazy middle-age hippies who has refused to shop at Walmart (long before the worldwide COVID coronavirus scam)—because “Walmart sells Chinese goods.”

To modern political-pet slaves, Auntie C.’s refusal sounds “racist”—because modern political-pet slaves are stupefied to the point of believing and parroting that locations—like China, Mexico, etc.—are races.

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Privileges Over Solutions: Distraction and Seduction of Slave Sub-categories

In our slave state, one thing most addict slaves: privileges. In our slave state, to say a slave is part of a “protected class” is to say that the slave qualifies for a special set of privileges. Seduced and distracted by the shiny parts of privilege—the slave rarely notices that privilege is always a tradeoff: some upside, and a whole lot of downside.

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Thousands of Magical, Unimportant COVID Success Stories

HEADLINE: Twitter, and the rest of government’s controlled media, are openly censoring anyone (including world leaders) who says anything about the “Coronavirus” myth, besides “be afraid” or “obey” or “look how silly I can be—while being afraid and obeying.”

Given its success as a pretense for record-dwarfing national and international power-grabs throughout the world—the COVID scam is obviously not going anywhere soon.

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