Trump Frees Violent Black Drug Kingpin—Charles “Duke” Tanner

When USA’s Zionist-controlled media teams up with the most Zionist U.S. president in history—Donald Trump—you can trust that lies and treason are afoot.

USA’s Zionist-controlled media can market anything to the nation’s weak “anti-racist” racists—just by selling it with pictures and videos of some fake-charismatic, fake-soulful black criminal, liar, fraud, etc. Enter soulful, charismatic black fraud criminal Charles “Duke” Tanner.

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Upcoming Legacy of White Liberals’ Mindless White Mascots: Lyz Lenz

Once upon a time, a gross boring old lady declared that she is a good cook—and how now that she is divorced, she is “never cooking for a man again.” The gross boring old lady was Lyz Lenz.

This week, the gross boring old lady wrote a political hit-piece against the grocery store chain Hy-Vee. The featured picture shows four obediently masked black mascots jumping on a police car. The caption for the photo: “Protesters dance on top of a police car.” Yeah: protesters. Imagine being married to a lying old loser like Lyz Lenz. Continue reading

Upcoming Legacy of White Liberals’ Mindless Black Mascots: 50 Cent Example

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson is a mentally retarded multimillionaire black mascot on white liberals’ expanded plantation. Jackson receives his monetary allowance by charismatically flaunting black cowardice and failure—in a nation where, every day, about a thousand black women murder a black child with a prenatal medical lynching at a Prevented Parenthood slaughterhouse. When 50 Cent dies, his legacy will surely be as stupid and silly as his life. Continue reading

Distributed Idea Suppression Complex: 21st Century Schizoid Jew Invents Political Wheel

About a dozen decades ago, John Acton mentioned what everyone knows: power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. But of course only God has absolute power, so Acton’s parallelism fails, but the point remains: the more power someone has, the more potential they have to be corrupt.

Nowadays, several slithering Zionists gangsters have sold their souls for a stranglehold over media—i.e., over the misinforming of millions. All tactics and no strategy, the gangsters’ powers extends only to neurotic, doomed political-correctness: the preempting of forthright communication.

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Distributed Idea Suppression Complex: Note to Pro-Trump Puppets About Anti-Biden Media in 1988

Currently, mindless pro-Trump puppets are addicted to politically masturbating to the fantasy that Donald Trump is more than a Zionist traitor. One example of the political masturbation is a compilation video about Joe Biden’s supposed plagiarism—a 1988 political-hit-job coordinated by the media-military-industrial-complex—that all the pro-Trump puppets commenting say is the good old days when media were honest.

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