Unattractive whores deserve less for their holes


“I’d pay $400,000 to have sex with Katherine Stone!!”
-no self-respecting man ever

“Unattractive whores deserve less for their holes.”

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Plight of our princesses in this misogynistic patriarchy (Gemma Colley example)



Me: 18 minute video about how women in our culture are allowed, even encouraged, to be corrupt to such a degree as to render them completely retarded.

Insane bitch Gemma Colley: “hope you get jailed and ass fucked by a big black dude, your a twat” (plagiarizing Shakespeare)

Me: eh, ur not even close to pretty, so i dont value ur opinion.


Ever notice that sexist guys, with all their Male Privilege, will always ignore the content of a woman’s argument, and just attack her looks?

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Hillary Clinton in “American Beauty part 2: Madam of the American Political Brothel”




Who can forget Annette Bening’s lovably tedious, irredeemable character Carolyn Burnham, in the 1999 film American Beauty? Well get all that tedium and more with Hillary Clinton, in American Beauty part 2: Madam of the American Political Brothel.

Whether it’s terrorizing 12-year-old rape-victim Kathy Shelton, or terrorizing Juanita Broaddrick, the Mexican raped by Hillary’s husband Bill — Madam Clinton of the American Political Brothel is sure to have you…obeying…or else you hate women…and you will be exterminated.

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Heavy Federal Hands Suspend Alabama Justice


“Echoing the will of his electorate in Alabama makes him a filthy Iranian cleric”
-paraphrase of Southern Poverty Law Center President Richard Cohen, praising the purging of dissident Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore

2006: a majority of voters in the state of Alabama adopted a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage.

years later: Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) files a legal complaint against Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore for allegedly admonishing probate judges to “defy Federal law,” in a letter which the latter testified was merely a Status Update not an official order;

Sept 30 2016, the Alabama Court of the Judiciary (COJ) suspended Moore for the remainder of his term, effective immediately; Moore will file an appeal, according to his attorney.

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What was she wearing? 2525

“What was she wearing?, asked the punishers of every beaten broken rape-victim, before herstory began!,” screeched the petite-chairman of Feminist World Government (FWG), providing the Daily Reminder on FemTv. “And only your unwavering outrage preserves the justice of the first commandment: Cage him first! Question her never!

“How many men’s lives have been ruined by legal courts, to say nothing of ‘courts of public opinion’, simply by an accusation of rape or domestic violence, with no evidence, that was later discovered to be wholly without merit as well as a deliberate lie for the purpose of vengeance, extortion, etc?,” grumbled the leader of a small group of starving eunuch defectors, at an encampment in the wastelands, a few miles outside the utopia — their evolutionary existence having been made definitively finite, and their bodies and minds forever scarred, by their former masters’ customary Neonatal Castration Surgery.

“He looked at me, and it creeped me out!,” wailed a proud, angry girl to two eunuchs from FemTv, her pink government-issued Stop Slut Shaming tattoo stretching shoulder to shoulder across her chest, and color-coordinated to the pasties covering her nipples, while the eunuchs in suits interviewed her on a hot summer day, as she waited in line at a Prevent Parenthood clinic. “But at least my ‘Buy 20, with his money, get 1 Free’ abortion-card is nearly filled up!,” she beamed, excitedly waving her card, with 18 of its 21 sections signed, for the FemTv camera, as the eunuchs politely nodded, smile-cried, and apologized, every time she paused her talking to inhale.

FWG protestors completely surrounded the clinic; the happy orderly reverse-dissidents, all from the FWG’s Screen Actors Guild, held signs of a single slogan, in diverse colors, demanding, “Abortion must remain Safe, Legal and Celebrated!”

One section of the protestors was cordoned and designated to chant condemnations of politicians from a time so long ago that herstory was still called ‘history’; those politicians, legend says, had wasted time foolishly following ‘Due Process’ — some insane fetish of a dead past: they actually prosecuted cowardly male conscription-dodgers before execution, at the expense of spending every waking hour of every day at work to provide every woman with all the impossible, contradictory things she was trained to want. The section leader held up her pink bullhorn and screamed a recital of the 1st commandment: “Real Men must immediately Choose accused males, and continue Goddess’s work of facilitating women’s Empowered Choosing of men’s children!”

“What was she wearing, or not wearing, when he looked at her?,” thought one eunuch quietly to another — the two vestigially mindful of self-preservation, though not at all concerned with the abstract and misogynistic idea of Due Process for males accused of the social crime of looking at a female in a way, or at a time, that displeases her. But the thought was not whispered quite quietly enough: a female intuited it, and, with a slap, she triggered the fight-or-flight button surgically implanted on the top of her head, in accordance with the first commandment: Report all male thought-crime immediately.

Molten pink tears dripped from where her eyes would have been in a previous generation (replaced, of course, with Google Glass Eyes, to streamline the process of sorting out what need not be seen), and then she exploded, her flesh and guts splattering all over the two thought-criminals — the one who dared the misogynistic thought, and the one who did not trigger quickly enough his Misogynistic Thought Condemnation Alarm. The two males looked at each other in misogynistic horror, knowing that Real Men surely received the Woman In Distress Suicide Signal, and would be arriving soon to Protect Women And Children to death anyone in the vicinity who bore the tell-tale sign of the empowered martyr’s remains.

Man-on-women thought-crime is an epic battle of Good vs Evil. The Good accept — and act on — females’ words, without question; while questioning males’ contrition without end. The Bad think, whatsoever, about the inevitable consequences of such a system.

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RE Big, Black & Scary


Original Analysis: Funny how our big, black, aggressive men don’t scare you or make you ‘fear for your life’ when they’re dribbling, catching, or throwing balls for your entertainment.

Reality: Well, plenty of ‘your’ big, black, aggressive men DO scare — the people whom they beat rape terrorize murder. But on related note, I don’t blame Ray Rice, Ray Mcdonald, Jonathan Dwyer, Steven Jackson ETC ETC ETC: beating the fuck out of women is a great idea — ESPECIALLY when the women are pregnant.

Back to sleep, u bichass racist cowards.

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#PostRacialDiversity + @Lesdoggg = #EmmysSoRetarded

post-racial-diversity-featuring-lesdoggg-math-formula post-racial-diversity-featuring-lesdoggg

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Real Man: not even once (Miriama Kunkelova vs Amy Schumer)


Losers want Russian Pornstar Miriama Kunkelova

a REAL MAN wants ‘comedian’ Amy Schumer

not even once

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Celebrate Rape Culture on National Rape Day


Hi fellow rape lovers! Tomorrow is Rape Day! Let’s join together on the upcoming National Rape Celebration Day for our Rape Culture, and let’s push for a law to add an 8th day to the week: Rape Day!

…because ‘rape culture’ is obviously not just a sexist, anti-male (misandrist) lie by feminazis to create hatred and fear of men, in order to control weak, stupid women…

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Support violent acts against women


Most things in life will come and go but the three most important things will remain the same forever:
1. Eat Scabs
2. Drink Snot
3. Support the Violence Against Women Act,
by supporting* violent acts against women

*otherwise misandrist funding for VAWA will stop!

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